South Australian Rogaining

Getting all adventurous

Rogaining is an outdoor treasure hunt, like no other. If you’re the type who enjoys the ‘great outdoors’ via the TV at the end of a treadmill, then rogaining probably won’t be your thing.

The aim of the game is to race against the clock in teams to find the most controls and gain the highest points. Teams travel on foot, armed only with the course map and a trusty compass.

Rogaining is a community. It’s exploring new places. It’s time with friends or family. It’s free roaming. It’s being unplugged. It’s a meal around a campfire, camping and sharing stories with new friends. It’s learning something new.

After a full brand and marketing analysis, it was confirmed that their previous brand was tired and looked out-of-date. CASTONDESIGN helped them achieve their visual communication goals and they now display a modern approach to the adventure sport of rogaining.

Works undertaken

  • Website
  • Social media strategy
  • Promotional material
  • Advertising

They say...

“Thank you for giving us a fresh and modern new website. Bringing our ideas to life by the seamless build process. We are so very proud.”

South Australian Rogaining
South Australian RogainingSouth Australian Rogaining