Tri-colour Summer Mini Potatoes

Creating an exciting option for your summer salads

With an already flooded hard produce category, consumers are searching for exciting options. CASTONDESIGN worked with Thomas Foods International Fresh Produce to develop an exciting choice for summer salads.

Our Tri-colour Seasonal Mini Potatoes have been selected from three well-paired varieties to make an impact on your plate this summer. Already washed and don’t need to be peeled, simply boil them straight out of the pack and enjoy with family or friends.

Working closely with Thomas Foods Fresh Produce to design the retail packaging and point-of-sale marketing materials, online advertising driving sales to the exclusive national domestic retailer.

Mid 2019, saw this speciality pack enter the export market very successfully throughout Asia. Now in a 500g pre-pack.

They say...

We are terribly excited by our customers up-take on this speciality line. Both the local domestic and export markets love the diversity of this pack, giving us a solid return.

Thank you to CASTONDESIGN for thinking outside the square and giving us an edge in this very tight market.

Tri-colour Summer Mini Potatoes
Tri-colour Summer Mini